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Our Mission

We are Eternally Committed to Delivering the Most Advanced Treatments Available

Southern California Brain & Spine Surgery is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care for disorders of the spine, brain, and peripheral nerves.

We understand that a new diagnosis of a neurological problem can be overwhelming. We pride ourselves in guiding you and your family through the diagnosis by presenting all possible treatment options in a warm and supportive environment.

Conditions Treated

The Spinal Cord and Brain together make the nervous system, which is the most complex and delicate structure in our bodies. Numerous conditions can arise if an injury occurs in the nervous system. Our Spine Surgeon in Los Angeles provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and recovery for the following Brain and Spine conditions.

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Patient Testimonials


Due to a fall, I had C3 & C5 crushed disc replacement with Titanium Disc and Plate with 6 screws in my spine. Prior to surgery, I had excruciating pain on Left & Right shoulders, arms, and hands. Dr. Ranasinghe explained in detail the injury damage, the course of repair, recovery, and followup therapy if indicated. Her approach was compassionate yet direct, honest & immediate. Dr. Ranasinghe was very thorough ensuring I had a good MRI and required evaluation of all my history. She saved my Life & No Pain. Definitely the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles!

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Raul Tellez

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I first saw Dr. Ranasinghe when I could no longer walk. She sent me over to the emergency at Whittier Presbyterian Hospital where after a cat scan diagnosed me with spinal stenosis. I found myself in surgery immediately. Thanks to her and her scheduling of rehabilitation I am walking again. Thank you Dr. Ranasinghe!

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Tom D’Alessandro

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Her diagnostics skills are excellent. She takes time to explain things and listens to all concerns & responds with detailed answers. She is meticulous in her planning and surgical strategy. Her measures for mitigating potential complications are first rate. Most important is her exceptional skills as a Neurosurgeon. I had a complex C spine Laminectomy and the outcome was 100% successful. I feel better than I have in 3 years. Recovery has been fast. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Ranasinghe.

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Greg Felix

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Definitely the best Neurosurgeon! Dr Ranasinghe is very detailed attentive and caring and her medical assistant went above and beyond to satisfy my needs. We are not just patients, she treats us like she would treat her own family. I just can't express any more excellent service from Southern California Brain and Spine Surgery!

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Spine Surgeon in Los Angeles - Moksha Ranasinghe M.D

Moksha Ranasinghe M.D.

Dr. Moksha Ranasinghe, MD, FAANS, was born and raised in Sri Lanka. During her childhood, she developed a passion for medicine and patient care through volunteer work at the local hospital, where her mother worked as a pharmacist. At the age of nine, she was already gaining incredible hands-on experience while working in the war fields during the tragic Sri Lankan civil war with the Red Cross, treating victims. She also worked at a home for residents with brain and spine injuries, where she further honed her skills and passion for Neurosurgery.

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Our Treatment Philosophy

Our goal is to provide safe treatments and exceptional care to our patients, helping them recover faster and live a healthier life. With this in mind, we approach each case with a holistic and patient-centered approach. Diagnosis begins with a thorough examination and evaluation of the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and imaging studies. From there, a precise understanding of the underlying cause of the disorder is gleaned which serves as the basis for an effective treatment plan.

We believe in the maxim “first, do no harm” and always strive to treat using conservative methods initially. This may include physical therapy, medication, and lifestyle adjustments. However, when these methods prove to be inadequate, surgery may be considered a last resort. Our surgical approach is minimally invasive, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to minimize discomfort and provide fast recovery.

Why Choose Southern California Brain & Spine Surgery

Southern California Brain and Spine Surgery is ranked among the best institutes in Los Angeles for all types of neurological disorders and related conditions. With our world-class spine treatment program and compassionate patient care, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with conditions related to the spine and brain. We offer:


Advanced Diagnostic Methods


Minimally Invasive Treatments


Treatment from the Best Spine Surgeon in Los Angeles


Recovery with less downtime


Outstanding patient care


Patient-focused, holistic treatment

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