A cranial or skull fracture is a break in the carnival bone caused by a fall, accident, a strong blow to the head, or any other reason. The fracture may be located on the basilar skull or cranial vault and it can be compound or closed. In a closed fracture, bone is fractured but the skin remains intact. While a compound or open fracture is visible on the skin; a deep wound or a bruise. A compound fracture is considered an emergency and requires immediate medical attention.

Once the fracture is diagnosed, neurosurgeons are more focused on saving the brain from the skull injury. Once doctors are confident that the brain is safe, they start treating the skull fracture.

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    Symptoms of Dystonia


    In some cases, skill fracture is obvious while in other times, patients are tipped off by symptoms. Common symptoms of a skull fracture include:

    • Severe pain in injured areas
    • Swelling or depression in the affected area
    • Redness or bruising around the injured area
    • Bleeding from ears & nose
    • Facial Weakness
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    Skull fractures can be diagnosed by performing a physical examination. A doctor may also perform imaging studies to diagnose the nature and extent of the damage. Imaging studies may include the following diagnostic tests:

    • X-ray - provides an image of the skull
    • MRI - provides an image of the bone
    • CT Scan - provides a 3-D image of the skull & brain
    Huntington's Disease


    If the skull fracture is less painful, the skull might heal on its own. However, in some cases, depressed and basal skull fractures don’t heal on their own. If there is excessive bleeding in the nose and ear area and leakage of the cerebrospinal area, then surgery is required. The skull fracture treatment options include:

    • Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS)
    • Microsurgery

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can someone survive a skull fracture?

    Most of the people who have skull fractures survive. However, if the brain injury is severe and it affects blood circulation in the brain, it may lead to severe conditions or even death in some cases.

    Does a fractured skull cause problems later in life?

    If the brain injury is severe and you don’t get treatment on time, it may cause physical and mental changes such as cognition, behavioral, and personality changes, later in life.

    What is the recovery time period of the fractured skull?

    The recovery time depends on the type of fracture and age. Younger people are likely to heal faster than older people. If you undergo surgery to treat a skull fracture, it might take you weeks or even months to fully recover.

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