How to Choose the Best Spine Surgeon in Los Angeles

Mar 29, 2022

Spinal injuries are stressful ordeals that severely impact the lives of patients who suffer with them. Choosing the right spinal specialist may become a daunting task, but it does not have to be one. Researching a few key factors beforehand can streamline the selection of the most suitable care that is available to you. Being aware of the course of your potential treatment and the latest developments in spinal medicine can help patients make better decisions for themselves while choosing a spine surgeon. This article will shed light on what you should focus on, to make your road to recovery as comfortable as possible. Continue reading to learn how to begin your search for the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles.

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Experience and Qualifications

A spine surgeon’s qualifications and certifications are important details to be aware of. They must be certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS)  and have extensive experience in the relevant field that you require. To check whether a surgeon you are considering is certified by the ABNS, you can visit this link here

The certifications are highly important, however, a doctor’s experience treating specific spinal conditions and their statistics regarding their patients are a reflection of their expertise in their field. A doctor’s success rate, the number of patients they have treated and how well versed they are in their respective areas of neurosurgical practice are important details to be collected. Some surgeons may specialize in areas of treatment that are more relevant to your specific injury. For example, spinal conditions such as herniated disks or scoliosis are best treated by spinal surgeons who specialize in treating these conditions and hold a considerable amount of experience with new advanced treatments, as well. Consulting with a spine surgeon who is competent in their specific field can help patients learn how the process of their potential treatment works and how invasive it is.

Past Reviews

After learning about a spine surgeon’s professional experience, it is important to read reviews from patients they have treated in the past, especially from those with similar spinal injuries. You can apply filters in search engines such as Google to find the most accurate results, in terms of experience and locality. In some cases, you will find testimonials on the facility’s website. You can also find patients’ feedback on different review websites such as Healthgades, Vitals and Yelp. Once you have shortlisted the best spine surgeons in Los Angeles, you will have their testimonials available to you. This information can be helpful to learn about a patient’s experience of the  surgeon’s diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process. Testimonials may be negative and positive but going over them thoroughly and paying attention to the more detailed ones presents a clearer representation of the spinal surgeon’s treatment process. Several factors are important to observe here such as how patients have felt their concerns are listened to, whether the doctor gave them enough time and if they felt that their diagnosis was thorough enough. Reading past reviews can also help you connect with a community of individuals who are going through or who have gone through spinal injuries like yours. They will be able to guide you through the doctor’s potential course of action, so you have an idea of what to expect from your appointment. 

Reviews about different doctors

The Diagnostic Process

You should be aware that a visit to the spine surgeon might not immediately result in surgery. After carefully listening to your concerns, the surgeon will begin to conduct a thorough analysis to produce a diagnosis. It is important that you are taken through the diagnostic process step by step and are made aware of the doctor’s suspicions. A competent doctor creates a comfortable and safe environment while elaborating on the kinds of treatment they recommend. Surgery may be one of those options but in some cases, the spine surgeon may recommend treatment plans that do not require surgery or are as minimally invasive as possible. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose a doctor that best helps you understand the diagnostic process and the treatment that will follow. Keep in mind that surgery will always be the last option that your spine surgeon will recommend.

Spine treatment

The Facility

It is imperative to research the facility that your spine surgeon of consideration practices in to gain an insight into the quality of treatment that you will receive. The spine treatment options that they provide, the experience of the staff and how well equipped the facility is to handle patients who face troubles with mobility are important factors to consider. A facility should be fully equipped to keep a track of their patients’ progress and provide them support when they need it. Some facilities have more advanced equipment than others and are able to offer better care. Learning more about the facility will help you decide where you will be more comfortable. Essentials such as pain management and post operation support requires trained staff and equipment that is the facility’s responsibility to provide. Keep in mind that after spine surgery, patients must go through follow-ups and travel to and from the facility quite regularly. This may become a cause of discomfort to patients and may become an inconvenience if the facility is far or troublesome to access for the patient. 

Facility of a spine surgeon


Although there is no price tag on health, you can take better care of your health by evaluating your spending before choosing a spine surgeon. Discuss finances and your insurance with spine doctors you are considering transparently to determine which doctor is a right fit for you. It is a doctor’s professional responsibility to prepare you about how much your treatment is going to be a cost driver.

Meeting The Doctor

Finally, your research for the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles cannot be complete without meeting the doctor themselves. It is important for you to elaborate details of your condition so that the doctor has a clear idea of your spinal problem and can effectively communicate to you the kind of treatment that you require. A spine surgeon will be able to assist you with your pain and, in some cases, give you some exercises to assist with recovery and rehabilitation. You might also receive further material and patient resources to help guide you through the treatment plan. The right doctor will be able to satisfy your anxieties and make the recovery process less overwhelming. 

Spine surgeon treating a patient

Consult Southern California Brain and Spine Surgery

Consulting with a professional spine surgeon who is committed to the field is the first step to a better quality of life, overall health, and is the safest way to deal with your spinal injuries. If you or a loved one has a spinal issue that is impacting their life, you should visit a spinal treatment center today. Southern California Brain & Spine Surgery offers the most advanced treatment options with the best spine surgeons in Los Angeles. We offer treatments for all sorts of brain, spine, back, neck, stroke related conditions, movement, and central nervous system disorders. We prioritize creating an environment that is based around care, support, and our patient’s well-being.  Visit our website or call us at (213) 369-4583 to schedule a consultation today!

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